The Umbilo Business Forum (UBF) is a voluntary membership and non-profit organization that was established in 2010. Since that time, the Umbilo Business Forum has been the voice of the local business community.
Through a number of public and private partnerships the Umbilo Business Forum has been extremely active in ensuring that the UBF precinct (Umbilo, Glenwood, Berea) is developed and maintained so as to be conducive to attracting investment to the area thereby improving business performance, with a focus on effective service delivery, safety and security.
With various programs and initiatives the Umbilo Business Forum continues to move the UBF precinct needs and agenda forward in every facet of the community: workforce, growth, public policy and business.


To be recognized as an inclusive home for all formal businesses within the UBF Precinct.


Advance UBF precinct’s economy, assist in improving the area’s quality of life and enhance our members’ success.


Provide business support. Influence public opinion. Provide strategic marketing. Promote and increase member participation and networking.


To advance a successful business climate in a manner that impacts the creation of employment positively.


Diversity & Integrity. Leadership & Advocacy. Innovation & Relevance.


The UBF’s ultimate goal is to facilitate the delivery of services relevant to the needs of its members, to serve as a link between its members and other relevant organizations and to create a platform for business networking to occur. Furthermore:
Advance UBF precinct’s economy: Promote and enhance a vibrant, diverse and sustainable economy.
Assist in improving Quality of Life: Foster a high-ranking quality of life for all residents.
Enhance Members’ Success: Provide targeted products, services, events and programs.
Organization Improvement: Position the UBF and its support staff members for long-term success.
Be an example of citizen involvement in the civic sphere.
In the long-term to twin an area affected by poverty and joblessness; to assist in upliftment of that area and to provide a working template of citizen co-operation and development in order to further the citizen-based philosophy of Ubuntu.
Crime and grime focus and keeping in close contact with South African Police Services, Durban Metro Police, and EThekwini Municipality departments (including city officials).
Playing an active supporting role in bringing social change in the UBF precinct. i.e. keeping close contact with NGOs and NPOs.