Congella Park Repair Project

Today an on-site meeting of stakeholders in the Congella Park repair project took place at the park depot.
Chaired by go-getter Parks and Gardens official Jennifer Rampersad, it was clear that much progress was under way. Against the background sound of mowers and machines, the monthly major cleanup was underway. Jen explained that budget had been applied for many upgrades.
For UBF members, the park work represents our fight back against sliding standards that degrade the area and make business difficult. Crime follows grime and the park has been a source of both. The Forum focus on the park is one of the initiatives we have undertaken to revive the area. We have found a great friend in Parks and Gardens Jennifer Rampersad. Here is an outline of objectives by which UBF expects to be measured.
  1.  Control vagrancy in the park.
  2. Regularize recycling, which is currently a source of extreme frustration to local business.
  3.  Return the park to the residents as a place of peace and recreation.
  4.  Generate a few good jobs from a functional park.
  5.  Finally, get the park to serve as a growth node along with other UBF projects.
With Jennifer’s proactive attitude most of these elements are well under way. We will continue to report on details as they are achieved.