The Umbilo Business Forum (UBF) has brought together dynamic leaders who work collaboratively and identify critical priorities that unlock its long-term potential for growth. The leadership is committed to providing a clear path forward to ensure a brighter future for the UBF precinct.


This group of individuals helps guide and prioritize the functions and initiatives of the Umbilo Business Forum (UBF) at the highest level. Their engagement is strategically targeted to specific topics and initiatives where top leadership is vital. 


The Executive Committee is made up of a dynamic group of business leaders who review, analyze, and provide counsel for the organization’s performance and deliverables, as well as provide strategic guidance for organizational development and market influence.


At the Umbilo Business Forum (UBF) you’ll find a team of passionate, goal- oriented professionals who are working to grow our local economy and tackling our most pressing challenges, including business development, public policy, and urban revitalization.

I am the proud father of three beautiful boys and co-founder of two companies, one a marketing agency and the other specialising in information technology. While I consider it admirable to build a successful business, I prefer to do more than just make a profit with the fruits of my labour. I enjoy using my know-how and business savvy to make the world a better place, combining traditional business models with pressing social missions in ways that help make small and big changes in my circle of influence. I strongly believe that everyone playing a positive and active role in society is key in our inclusive and collective goal of achieving any meaningful transformative progress – directly or indirectly. It is true and incredibly liberating to realise that, in choosing how to respond to circumstances, we certainly can affect those circumstances.

Deputy Chairperson

I’m a Glenwood Durban local, I matriculated from Glenwood High school. Today I’m happily married to the lovely Rosanne who manages the administrative function of the business. We have three beautiful children, Clinton, Bianca and Blake.

Brenlin Plumbers was founded by my father in 1958. I joined in 1979 and completed my apprenticeship by gaining experience on various sites as a project manager. I purchased the company from my Dad in 1991. I joined the UBF to share ideas with fellow business owners in the area and help create a better environment to work and live in.

Policy Director

I joined the UBF in 2015. I am one of the directors of Clark and Kent Panelbeaters, a family business. Like most members who have been in the area for a long time, I became concerned about business leaving the area and about the state of communities who live around here. The main issues discouraging business confidence remains crime and degeneration issues.

The causes are complex, with economic injustice inherited from the apartheid era. These issues have not been resolved by the present government. Essential municipal and police services need to return to acceptable levels but this is not happening due to extremely dysfunctional governance.
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I am a practicing public accountant, operating from an office/house in Esther Roberts Road. I have been the Treasurer of the UBF for a number of years.

I use my strength, which is numbers and administration, to contribute to the upliftment of the Umbilo area and the community.

Executive Committee Member

I moved to Durban from Johannesburg in 1974 to study engineering at Durban University of Technology (DUT). I began working at Gamma Panels in 1976 as an engineering draughtsman and became a shareholder in 1980. I got involved with the UBF from its inception 40 years ago and I’ve been in the Williams Road Umbilo area ever since. We have driven the cleaning up of crime and grime but in 2017, we’ve been a part of the extensive reinvigoration of UBF operations of restoring peace and order to the area

Executive Committee Member

I have served in the corporate sector for 22 years and I bought my own business in 2004. My company is located on Williams Road for the past 13 years.

I have a good grasp of the surrounding environment and its challenges. I believe in our city, the people who populate it and that we are on the cusp of breaking through our ‘Cinderella status’ as one of South Africa’s top cities and destinations. It is up to us to take our beautiful city to the next level and to create the change we want to see.

PR Officer

I am involved in so many NGO’s. I love earth, I just want to try my bit in getting things right. I believe in a green earth, world peace, love for animals, and love for people. I’d like to, see an end to starvation in my lifetime and to educate as many people as possible. Through my sector, I want to help develop skills of adolescents and place them in jobs. I’d like to share knowledge and give hope.