The Umbilo Business Forum (UBF) is a membership organization dedicated to promoting a positive business climate and serves as the primary advocate for business growth. Working as a constructive partner with both public and privates structures it ensures its members’ interests are kept in the highest regard.
By representing an ever-growing number of companies the Umbilo Business Forum (UBF) acts as the principal advocate and catalyst for business in the community. The Umbilo Business Forum (UBF) fosters and encourages a strong business community and therefore a healthier overall society. As a testament to its viability and long-term commitment to the community, the Umbilo Business Forum (UBF) celebrates 7 years of existence in 2017. It is a proud milestone for an organization dedicated to the future of businesses in Durban.


Business Referrals
The Umbilo Business Forum (UBF) routinely receives emails and inquiries asking for business recommendations from residents and visitors. Using our online directory, the UBF recommends only members for any services requested.
The No. 1 benefit businesses value and want from their membership is relationship building through networking with peers and potential clients. To deliver this access, the Umbilo Business Forum (UBF) hosts a variety of monthly meetings, mixers and special events.


Programming From events and meetings that feature nationally renowned speakers to small-group discussion sessions with local government officials, the Umbilo Business Forum (UBF) offers many programs to provide businesses with the information and access they need to succeed and grow. We strive to be the go-to source for business information.
If a company is highly involved in its local community, consumers are more likely to think that its products stack up better against competitors. Also, when consumers know that a business is a member of the Umbilo Business Forum (UBF), they are more likely to think favorably of it.
Government Advocacy
The Umbilo Business Forum (UBF) is an effective advocate for the business community, monitoring local issues and providing members with relevant information on legislative affairs. Our Public Affairs Roundtable series provides attendees direct, personal access to legislative and local officials.
Business Promotion
The Umbilo Business Forum (UBF) offers a multitude of ways to promote your business through both paid and unpaid promotion. For example, upon request, the Umbilo Business Forum (UBF) posts relevant business news on the website for free and also shares member news through social media.
UBF Business Directory
Reach hundreds of visitors to our website through your company listing in our online directory. Your membership gives you control over the information you want to share in the directory to promote your business. This could include a business and contact information, directions, social media options, and much more.
Target Marketing
The Umbilo Business Forum (UBF) members have access to our online membership directory.


Affordable Annual Fees

Membership Fee Structure 2017/2018

R2400 per annum for all businesses.


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